DuO 1 - Longest Part

DuO 1 - Longest Part

Puzzle inventor: Per Abrahamsson

Platform: Android

DuO 1 - Longest part is the first in a growing family of DuO games. It´s a logic game in the same spirit as the paper version of Minesweeper & Lighthouses. Your goal is to fill the board with pieces in two colors. To your aid, you have clues that tell you how many pieces in the same color that are connected. There are a few more rules, but we walk you through them when you start playing the game. Use logic deduction to get clues and the rules to fit together. DuO is a tricky game where you never need to guess any part of the solution. It’s all logic and can be solved step by step.

There are two versions of DuO 1, each with an unique set of puzzles:

The full version contains 1248 puzzles in 4 different sizes, from 5x5 to 8x8. There are also bonus puzzles with more difficult clues.

The free version contains 64 puzzles in 4 different sizes, from 5x5 to 8x8.

The game includes both a Swedish and an English version.


  • Age

    Family friendly
  • Size

  • Current version

  • Requires Android

    4.0.3 or later
  • Requires iOS

    Not supported