About us

D&P Design & Production HB

D&P Design & Production HB is a company located in west of Sweden. We are 2 gaming enthusiasts who have made both tabletop, computer and app games over the years. It has also been a couple of websites. Our greatest passion is different types of logical puzzle games. No one knows what the future looks like, but we intend to continue to develop tabletop, computer and app games for as long as we can and think it is fun. We wish you all a wonderful life and hope to see you soon through one of our products.

Per Abrahamsson

Creator and innovator who has a hand in about everything in the projects. Anything from Layout and Graphics over to writing and of late dabbling with notes and G-clefs to produce something that could be perceived as structured sounds a.k.a. music.

David Fröjmark

Programming wizard who is more than happy to try to solve Gordian code knots. Invaluable partner and lead programmer. Incurable game and computer geek who are more than happy brainstorming new ideas in all our projects.